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Somebody's Watching You


when ur showing someone a picture on your phone and they try to look through all of your pictures



Bunny falls asleep

My friend posted a match maker thing on facebook so I clicked it for fun

it matched me up with the dude I’ve had a crush on for 14 years. 

the same guy I tried asking out twice and got rejected by.

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I’ve been debating about asking one of my friends to draw a picture of my bird so I could have a little memorial for him. 

I don’t know who to ask/who would be bothered too.  ._.

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Cutie patootie

budgie theme park


trot trot oink oink

This is adorable

Sorry for the budgie spam

I miss my bird terribly.


have some bird.

jerk bird.

Hai~ Stashi - "legal adult" -
❤Guinea pigs

<>I'm kinda crazy but totally awesome.<>

Feel free to ask me things and get to know me :3

My lovely pig Mocha now has her own blog! --->

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